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Hannah Macey  
BANT and CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapist


Hey there


I’m Hannah, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner,

Weight Loss and female health specialist. ( and thats my daughter Bonnie with me)


 My passion is to help women gain control over their eating habits, and make lasting changes to improve the quality of life through diet and lifestyle changes. 


I come from a back ground in childcare, where I supported family in caring for their children, so I have seen first hand the pressure working mums put on themselves and how we all need to pay some more attention to self care and what we fuel our bodies with. I am a real people person, I have travelled all over the world working in different environments before settling in London to start my training in Nutrition. I have seen so many positive changes in people once they make tiny habits into their diet and lifestyle that can aid in weight loss, ease brain fog, support hormones, help gut health and give them SO much more energy.

I will hold your hand through the process of these changes and using the tiny habit changes method, which I have been trained in, I can help you make long lasting changes. Take a look at my "work with me" page for more guidance on what I offer. 



I offer 1-1 consultations, workshop events locally in Bristol, corporate talks and school workshops. Coming soon is my group weigh loss program and IVF nutrition support groups.  

I can help in these areas of health:

  •  Weight loss 

  •  Food intolerance & Sensitivities

  • Gut Health 

  •  Food intolerance & Sensitivities

  •  Hormone imbalance 

  • Fertility support 

  •  Pre and postpartum

  •  IVF treatment support

  • Weaning and Child nutritio


Here at wilderness nutrition, you will be given a tailored individual service using the latest evidence-based research on nutrition using the Functional Medicine approach. 

All programs include an in-depth questionnaire to help identify any system imbalances and how these can link to health issues and symptoms you have and find the correct protocol to help you reach your goal.

Nutritional therapy can assist in a range of chronic illness and others who want to enhance their health and wellbeing. Nutritional therapy supports such concerns as fertility health, immune health, stress, skin health, inflammation, thyroid conditions, weight management, gastrointestinal issues, low energy, hormone balance and supporting a pregnancy.

So let us get started. 

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