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Yoga & Nutrition Pregnancy Workshop 

March 5th 2022

So what will we being doing in the workshop?

You do not need to have any yoga experience to enjoy and get the full pregnancy yoga experience from this workshop. Kim will cater for everyone and will chat before hand about any worries or questions you have before starting the class 

We will kick off with a wonderful yoga class, taught by the lovely Kim. Kim teaches pregnancy yoga to support you throughout pregnancy and overcome those common pregnancy aches and ailments. She will end the class with a beautiful Nidra yoga, to help relax into the rest of your day. 

Hannah will then start a detailed talk around all things pregnancy nutrition. Here I will go through the stages of pregnancy, symptoms and how to aid relief. 
Answering common myths around food in pregnancy and focusing on what you can eat, not just on what to avoid. This evidence base presentation should help guide you through essential nutrition needed for babies development. Supplement guidance and ones to purchase.

We will try and answer all questions, but if we run out of time please email us for support.

We can not wait to see you and your bump .... oh and in case you were worried, we will have access to toilets, a lift and plenty of snacks and refreshments. 


Love Kim and Hannah Xxx

Kims Website:

Pregnancy yoga


To give you and relaxing yoga session, built for you and your growing baby and a well researched presentation on all the key areas of pregnancy nutrition. Also lots of snacks 

When and where?

10am-12:30 March 5th 2022

Sir Bernard Lovell Academy 

North St, Oldland Common, Bristol BS30 8TS

Free parking 

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