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Supplements for pregnancy....Why are they so important and not just for folate?

Here is a quick (2 minute) read on supplements and what you need to know in pregnancy.

Supplements are essential for everyday use to fill in those gaps in our everyday diet, especially when we are pregnant as there is such a demand on the body from the growing bubba.

Not all supplements are made the same! Ummmm, What?

So most you can buy at your local supermarket and pharmacy are made from synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals, and not active forms, meaning poor absorption, and if your digestion is also not great, then you will not be utilising these vitamins and minerals anyway, so its a waste of precious money!

The ones I’ve recommended are more pricy, but once you work out how much it costs to buy these better quality supplements, it really is not a huge amount of difference. If you also compare the prices of a few take out hot drinks a week, then you can see how easy it is to justify getting better supplements.

Folate, which is essential for reducing neural tube defects risk, is of course very important. Folate is the natural form of folic acid and is found in all pregnancy supplements, but you must check the folate in the supplement is in the 5-MTHF form, not folic acid, as folate is more bioavailable to be absorbed than synthetic folic acid which is common in many brands.

The body is working hard in pregnancy to give the growing bubba all the nutrient it needs to grow and this means taking it from our food but also our reserves, so if our vitamin and mineral levels are low for certain nutrient, it needs to be topped up with a supplement.

My top 4 brands

  1. Biocare AnteNatal BioFlora 30s

  2. Nutri Advanced Multi Essentials for pregnancy 30s (my personal favourite)

  3. We are feel Pregnancy 60s (2 a day)

  4. Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient 30s

Always read how many it says to take ( a common mistake is not releasing some need you to take 2 not 1)

Hope this helps

Oh and the final tip.

All supplements you were taking BEFORE becoming, may not be suitable for pregnancy. So check the warnings on the supplement. Any questions, just email :)

I provide a 30-minute supplement overview and personalised recommendation consultation, also offering great discounts on supplements, so contact me if you need more support.

Love Han X


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