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What will you get in a consultation? 

After going through your questionnaire,  we will have an in-depth discussion into the potential underlying cause, signs of any inbalances and what the root cause may be.

Then we will discuss changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that are achievable to you and have measurable results, giving you the control to take your health back into your hands.


There are not many things we have control of in pregnancy, but nutrition is one of them.


Did you know every trimester demand an increase in some macronutrients and micronutrients? 


> For example 1st Trimester you need more folic acid for the development of the baby's spin 

> 2nd-trimester Vitamin D needs are rammed up as the development of the skeleton 

>3rd trimester Iron is essential. Building up iron stores before and during pregnancy is important. Still, during those last three months, it is vital to prep for labour. 


Nutritional deficiency is common in pregnancy due to the baby's demands on the body. Still, it can be easily avoided with the right education on what to eat to gain all these vital nutrients.


The body is extraordinary and can manufacture some of the nutrition that is needed. Still, most come from the diet you consume before and during pregnancy.


I assisted in all stages of pregnancy's and this, of course, includes the 4th Trimester, which is a very important stage of healing the body from labour and aiding hormones to return to a normal level after pregnancy. 


Let me assist in helping you gain optimal prenatal nutrient with real food and right quality supplements. 

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Green Goodness


With my own experience of fertility treatment,

understand nutritional needs can be one of the most powerful tools

Here it can be working as a couple or individual, we will work together to help support fertility and investigate any triggering points or issues that could be resolved to help fertility. 
With my own personal experience in the IVF world, I understand the process and what it takes to go through this.
This is why I can make tailor plans to support you through this process to help the body cope with these added hormones, which trust me is not always fun and to give you back some power, as in IBF you have little power over what happens but you CAN control what you eat and do through IVF and this is how I can help you. With a supportive plan, you can be positive in knowing you are helping your body become strong to help the process.

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Image by Tom Hermans

Food Allergy and Intolerance Management

Understanding the Body and its reactions

Food Allergy and Intolerance Management can be one of the keys into aiding problems from digestion issues, skin condition and many more.

But an allergy and intolerance are two very different subjects.

An allergy is the bodys immune system having an unusual reaction, some mild some severe, to a particular food. This is known as a IgE hypersensitivity immune response and is initiated by specific antibodies. 

IgG food intolerance is a type of antibody which can be formed from a reaction to foods, and a smiple blood test will measure the food specific IgG antibodies which will show what foods a person is sensitive too. Elevated IgGs is associated with increase intestinal barrier dysfunction.

Food Intolerance is a none immune medicated response to a food. These are more enzyme deficiencies such as histamine, lactose and fructose intolerance. 

In clinic I work with Cambridge Nutritional Science for all intolerance testing. 

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Diet Plan

Weight Loss

Positive Nutrition for effective weight loss 

Here we will work together on reason why you want to lose weight and what has not worked prevues. Losing weight is hard work for most people and so much of long term weight loss is behavioural changes.

working together and understanding the what dietary habits we can work on to help aid weight loss and lifestyle habits changes.

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