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Ready, Steady, Wean

Come join me for a weaning workshop, at the lovely, baby friendly beweirdbewildbewonderful!

After a presentation, we will try some foods with your baby and you can ask me anything!

Where and what time? 9am-10am 


129-133 Bath Rd, Longwell Green,

Bristol, BS30 9DD

More info below! 


What are we up to in this workshop?

Getting you ready for the next milestone...FOOD


I have worked with children for over 10 years before coming a Nutritionist, and having my own little bubba, so I know first hand what its like to wean many babies. It can be fun, stressful, worrying, a beautiful development stage and MESSY! Really MESSY! 


So after many questions from parents over the years, and now as a nutritionist, I can support parents through this important development stage for their babies.


So what will the workshop look like? 

First we will start with a talk/presentation covering 


  • What is weaning and the methods to choose from?

  • Equipment 

  • What foods to give and when?

  • Baby led and purees 

  • Allergies and gagging/ chocking 


Lets get eating- there will be 3 foods on offer. 2 fruits and 1 root veg


  • Homemade food vs ready made

  • Supplements 

  • Cups and drinks 

  • Meal time environment 


Please message if you have any more questions before the workshops

There will be 9 highchairs available, and all plates and cutlery. 

If you would like to bring your own please do!

Please bring a bib and your own wipes! It gets messy fast 

Also bring a cup, beaker or water bottle too! 

Can’t wait to meet you and your baby! 

Han Xxxxx

Let’s Wean Together


129-133 Bath Rd, Longwell Green,

Bristol, BS30 9DD

9am - 10am 

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